12.8V 100Ah LiFePO4 WattBloxx battery with LCD


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12.8V 100Ah WattBloxx battery with LCD


Item General Parameter Remark
Battery type Lifepo4 battery lifepo4 3.2V 100Ah cell
Standard capacity(0.2C) 100Ah
Rated voltage 12.8 V Work voltage
Rate Power 1280Wh
Internal Impedance ≤40mΩ ( AC 1kHz )
Max.Charge voltage 14.6 V Voltage of Charger Selection
Cut-off voltage 10V BMS discharge voltage cut- off
Input Port +  – Polt Aviation Socket
Output Port +  – Polt USB,Cigarette Lighter Plug
Standard charge current 5~100A Max charge current 100A
Continuous discharge current 5~100A
Max Continuous discharge current 150A 5 seconds
Battery dimension 415 * 300 * 210 mm
Total weight(Approx.) 20 kg Gross weight.

(CC/CV) Charge method (CC/CV)

Standard 0℃~45℃ Charge
Discharge 5℃~65℃
Storage 5℃~45℃
Capacity @ shipment 50%-60%
Ingress Protection IP65
Cycle Life 5000 times 80% DOD 0.1C
Composed Type 4S 1P
Intelligent module RS485,CAN Customization







Cell Over charge voltage protection 3.65±0.025 V
Cell over discharge protection 2.5±0.02 V
Balancing current 35mA
Balancing voltage 3.4V
Self consumption Working current:20mA,Sleep current:800uA
Pack Charge overcurrent protection 100A
Pack Discharge overcurrent protection 150A
Short circuit protection 1000A  500us
High temperature protection 65 ℃
Low temperature protection -5 ℃